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Are you a licensed/registered Home Service Professional looking to grow your business? Join U-bidit today and start minimizing your unpaid downtime of Estimating/Bidding jobs and worse yet, waisted travel time looking at possible jobs! Our site has no annual fees, membership costs or strings attached, pay only for the jobs you wish to bid on.
At U-bidit.com we understand how competitive and fast paced today’s world can be for service professionals, in fact, our very core is designed around this module. Most entrepreneurs must wear most if not all the hats in their small business to keep costs down and streamline efficiency. The downside to this practice is, it doesn’t leave you with enough time to cover all the bases and you could be potentially losing quality jobs. For instance; Most small business service professionals are hands on, a lot of their time is spent divided between delivering material to the jobs, doing the actual work, talking with the customers, keeping track of all the paperwork, and most important looking for their next job to do. The last is the least desired, as you know, quite a bit of that time and effort is waisted and a good bit of the jobs you have bid never come to fruition. However, you still must take the time to travel and look at any potential job, talk with the potential customer, go home, and quote the job, submit it to the customer and hope they get back to you. That is the old way of bidding jobs, especially some that were just wasting your time and simply were not ready to start their project yet. Once you join U-bidit.com, you will have access to loads of jobs in your area and throughout your state (depending on how far you set your filters). The posted jobs, have a brief description, possible pictures and price the home owner is willing to pay. If you see a job that piques your interest and is in your strong suit, then you simply click on it, pay the small upfront bid fee and either accept the home owners initial offering or counter bid. After you set up your member profile, you will receive email alerts when a new job is available in your area, within the parameters that you set. This way you don’t have to sit and watch the project boards all day, the jobs will come to you. After the home owner hires you, you still conduct your business of meeting customer(s) to discuss the job, materials, payment structuring and signing contracts outside of our platform. After you have completed the project you were hired to do, ask your customer to leave a rating and feedback about your services on our website, as you know these ratings go along way with potential new clients. Furthermore, once the initial connection is made, the customers and service professional don’t have to use U-bidit.com again to maintain their relationship. There are no contractual obligations confining service professionals to our site, you can use it as often as you would like or simply just to fill in a job here and there. ( To join, you must be a licensed/registered service professional in your state with current liability insurance for the work you are going to be performing.)

We hope you found this article helpful/ join now and start growing your business overnight