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What we provide?

Pro242 auction lets buyers bid on a variety of products and goods for FREE. Sellers get a premium platform for a fraction of the cost to list their items.

All auctions are in real-time, both buyers and sellers get to see bidding as they occur. Pro242 auction gives sellers the reach they've been needing and looking for when selling their products and goods without have to manage every waiting moment. Buyers and Sellers are notified in real-time the status of the auction. Through innovation and technology both the buyers and sellers can now connect in a real-time environment and grow together on the PRO242 platform.



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Enjoy using Pro242!

Pro242 offers instant access to highly skilled pros. Buy hundreds of home services, the way you buy products. We are the leading home maintenance support network offering hassle-free home services. Our professional service pros help manage all your facilities looking good and working all the time. Download our easy to use and free app today

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